Afro Sundae

  The birth of Afro Sundae was from their love for Natural, healthy hair and the ability to nurture it. Afro Sundae is a premium South African hair product company offering 100% organic hair products that are free of chemicals like sodium, lauryl sulphate, parabens and chlorine, which are found in nearly all conventional conditioners … Read more

Anti-Age Your Hair

There are so many emphasis placed on skincare.  From the morning cleanse, then tone to the ultra moisturizing regime.  All this so that your skin can feel fresher, hydrated and provide an intense treatment to repair.  But what about our hair, does it need the same care and treatment?    As we age, our hair becomes … Read more

Falke Trail Socks

The days are warming up and that means that trail runs and mountain races have begun.  Preparing for a run includes lifestyle, increased fitness and goal fulfillment.  It is important to note that training and racing for a trail/mountain running is likely to put pressure on your feet because of the hilly and rough terrain.  … Read more