Combat Dry Skin

NEW – These  rich new body creams from Eucerin are so FABULOUS….. Many of us take healthy, ‘normal’ skin for granted. Imagine for an instant that your or your baby’s skin is extremely dry, cracked, red and inflamed and the need to scratch is all-consuming. Dry skin problems have become all too common with an … Read more


The SKINNY side of Coffee

Being a LOVER of COFFEE I wanted a taste that was rich, flavourful and pure.  My search took me to many coffee shops and I tasted many many cups of the brown bean BUT when I discovered SKINNY GREEN COFFEE, I was eventually satisfied with it’s unique flavour.  After further reading about this magic coffee, … Read more


Smile Foundation

The SMILE FOUNDATION is very close to my heart as they aim to help millions of children around the world to provide corrective surgery for those that are born with cleft lips or palate.  The organisation was formed in 2000 and was born when Nelson Mandela sought to find help for one particular child with … Read more


Dehydrated Skin in Ramadaan

Many of you have had problems with dry skin during the fasting month right?  You will notice that the skin will become dry, flaky and dehydrated.  Moisturisers. oils and serums will only do part of what your skin needs  BUT it is up to you to make the change in lifestyle and eating habits during … Read more


Life Day Spa – Waterfront -Cape Town

Hi there beauties! It has been a while since my last post.  Studying, writing and working does add on alot of pressure.  Anyway,  Today was my day to relax and unwind at my favourite spa – LIFE DAY SPA V&A WATERFRONT.  The thing about spa’s is that I always end up being there longer than … Read more