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Hair Care

Just like caring for your skin, your hair needs the same attention. Find products which work for you. I know, there atre so many products in the market and choosing the right one can be daunting. Firstly determine your type of hair. Hair types tend to be fine, thick, or coarse and fall into one of

Nivea Men Fragrance Spray

Summer is in and the best way to stay confident and fresh is by using these an fresh-smelling spray fragrances by NIVEA MEN. They offer 48 hour freshness and protection with this premium modern fragrance. NIVEA Deep Fragrance achieve has an exclusive, masculine fragrance made up of spicy citrus and vanilla notes, with a warm

Here Comes the Sun

There is nothing like the outdoors in summer and feeling the warmth of the sun tingling on your skin.  But too much of UV can lead to pigmentation and wrinkles and in some cases skin cancer. According to the WHO, up to 90 percent of visible changes commonly attributed to ageing may be caused by

Natural Sunscreen by Litchi & Titch

Natural sunscreen – or sun cream or sunblock – is a lotion, gel or cream that protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.┬áThe difference is they are made from plant-based minerals and extracts instead of overpowering chemicals.A quick glance at the ingredient list of regular sunscreens will reveal a long list of chemicals

Epimax for Dry Skin

Even though we are in spring our skin still needs the extra care. A gentle body wash by Epimax is just the thing to get you feeling refreshed and moisturised. The Epi-max range of emollient products is ideal for any climate and people of all ages with dry skin and dry skin conditions like eczema and

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