Good Food

During lockdown there was a surge of people on social showing off their baking and cooking with pictures. Some even shared recipes which was great. I took up the challenge to create and experiment with different ingredients and spices to come up with unique flavours to tantalise the taste buds. I needed that extra lift … Read more

Recipes by SuzelleDIY

Julia Anastasopoulos better known by all of us as SUZELLE is a local South African artist, illustrator, designer and actress.  She became famous with her do-it-yourself DIY You Tube series.  She plays an Afrikaans woman, along with animator and film maker Ari Kruger.  Together they produce quirky and fun inserts on DIY. This September Julia … Read more

Dehydrated Skin in Ramadaan

Many of you have had problems with dry skin during the fasting month right?  You will notice that the skin will become dry, flaky and dehydrated.  Moisturisers. oils and serums will only do part of what your skin needs  BUT it is up to you to make the change in lifestyle and eating habits during … Read more

Homegrown by Bertus Basson

When I first recieved this book I thought that it was just another cookbook filled with recipes BUT as I paged through,  I came across local recipes which I also grew up with.  BERTUS BASSON is a highly acclaimed South African chef who is famed for his phenomenal success of Overture.  This restaurant has grown … Read more