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Natural skincare

As we all seek to live ‘greener’ lifestyles and reduce our impact on the world’s natural resources, we often forget that living in a responsible manner also applies to the health and beauty products that we use on a daily basis. I found the Acquizhen range that includes your freshening cleansers, serum,day and night creams and soothing masks.

Healthy lashes and brows

It would appear that women all over the world are becoming more particular and aware of the way they look. We must admit that women would do anything to enhance their beauty and facial appearance.

Organic Soy candles

I love a warm, clean home; one that tells a story when you walk in and has the familiar smells that make you feel welcome. A home should be peaceful, quiet and a place where you can relax and unwind. After a hectic day, I would light an organic soy candle and let the aroma

Women’s Lifestyle Expo

The first expo took place at the Lookout Deck at the Waterfront in Cape Town.  It was an expo for all women who love beauty, health and fashion.  The exhibitors included nail care, stunning jewellery for every occassion, handbags, fruit teas and beautiful vases and cushions for the home.  Women were treated to a facial

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