Month: July 2014


Recently I had a chance of cooking with cooks all over Cape Town.  Every women has her own unique recipes or ingredients but I was fortunate enough to share their most precious family recipes.  I cooked curries, baked cakes, made traditional foods and made a scrumptious paella which is a favourite amongst Capetonians. Najia Davids


Women’s Day is celebrated on the 9th August at the Artscape Theatre this year.  There will a host of events and plays which are all “FREE” and for everyone to enjoy.  The Next 48 Hours are media partners and wih this kind of backing, the day has added luxuries from pampering to beautiful displays of


Chopped SA was launched on Tuesday 15th July at Jenny Morris’s food studio in De Waterkant.  This is a professional chefs competition and the prize is R40 000.  I got to meet all the judges Jenny Morris, Siba Mtongana, Rebecca Hurst and David Van Staden.  The series starts on the 23rd July and is aired

Cooking with author of Karoo Kitchen SYDDA ESSOP

The cooking session with Sydda Essop was truly inspirational.  Here we have a women who dedicated her book and paid homage to all the cooks who worked tirelessly on farms while their husbands were either herdsmen or worked  in the fields.  These cooks have beautiful stories of their way of sustaining their families as well