Month: February 2015


This week I had a chance to learn about men’s fashion.  If you thought that only women are conscious of the way they dress, then think again because men are taking their dressing and clothing choices to a whole new level.  The detail that they go through to choose a suit, shirt, tie and accessories


I had a chance to test the new “PAIN-FREE” hair removal laser machine which was launched at Petticoat Parlour yesterday.  This amazing machine is safe and effective and can be used on all skin types.  The high frequency and lower energy delivery provides virtually pain free treatments with a far shorter treatment time.   Hair


Women all over the world have been looking for a quick fix to iron out fine lines and winkles.  The beauty market is bursting with all sorts of products that promise to give you a flawless-looking youthful skin and products that could get rid of wrinkles.  So, with our hectic lifestyle and our mission to


Every celebration is represented by a past event or an occurrence which may have happened on the “date” some years back.  The occasion of Valentine’s Day on 14 February has a similar association with this.  It is understood to have originated as a Christian religious festival honouring a saint.  Its origins date back to ancient