Month: April 2015


Skincare is an investment, so if you follow the right routine and use the proper products, you can be guaranteed a cleaner, refreshed skin tone. The beauty industry has become so bombarded with so many skincare products that it has become difficult to choose the perfect product for one’s skin. Then there’s the matter of


Some of the most effective beauty products are made from natural sources such as plants and the demand for organic products has extended to include most hair salons. Most organic products are certified vegan, which means that they contain no animal-derived ingredients. These products will contain no honey, beeswax or any other animal-produced ingredients. They


I LOVE make up and the way it makes me feel.  It enhances your looks and with all the formaulations found in foundations, you are guranteed a flawless look.  I like the bright start foundation which is formulated with super foods including orange and pomegranate extracts.  It is lightweight, oil-free and stays on the whole


Puri Thai is a quaint massage spa in Grayston Drive, Sandown, Johannesburg.  With all the driving around in the city, the meetings and shoots, i decided to treat myself to an aromatic oil massage.  I was greeted by a friendly person who brought a wooden bowl of warm water to wash my feet with a