Month: October 2015


I have been travelling alot recently and my work has taken me to sometimes 3 cities in one week.  Now that is a bit hectic especially when I sit in a plane for 2 hours to reach my destination and the seats are so close together that I can practically hear the person next to


I am one person that loves to feel comfortable in what I wear.  My shoes have to feel just right and not hurt me in any way and my clothing must be light, well fit at the shoulders and drape properly.  With all this said,  I am just LOVING the new culottes that are out


There are so many benefits of using NATURAL products and when it comes to taking care of baby, the only products pure enough and gentle enough to use everyday is the PURE BEGINNINGS range of baby products.  New born babies have extremely sensitive skin and with the help of the “right” products you can ensure