Month: May 2016


WOW,  I discovered this amazing NEW sponge applicator that works brilliantly when applying primer, foundation or powder. Used by many beauty therapists, this edgeless, non-disposable, high-definition ensures flawless, non-streaky application of any complexion product.  This remarkable sponge expands when wet and becomes softer and easier to use,  this allows product to sit on top of


Try out these time-saving, hassle-free beauty tips to get you looking FABULOUS SKINCARE- DAY 1. CLEANSE – Wash face with warm water and only use a facewash if your skin is oily 2. TREAT – Apply eye cream and then serum 3. MOISTURISE – Comfort skin with a daily moisturiser 4. PROTECT – Apply a


There are so many ways to dress yourself beautiful and with style too.  Why should the fuller-figured not enjoy the new trends in fashion.  It is basically the way you feel.  Whatever you wear, you need to feel confident and you can really pull it off.  I like the Penny C jeggings which sit perfectly

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