Cinderella Facial by Laser Beautique

I have always been sceptical with just trying any product on my face and when it comes to facials I do my own at home.  I have sensitive skin and exfoliators with granules do not work on my skin.  It irritates my skin and causes redness.  Even with toners,  if I had to use an … Read more

Unforgettable Encounter by REVLON

 Just the other day REVLON sent me a package of the NEW UNFORGETTABLE ENCOUNTER  Eau de toilette spray.    I tried just a little on my hands and I was just intoxicated by the beautiful rich aroma.  It has a floral smell with just a hue of mask and I must say that it certainly … Read more

BB cream VS CC cream

Okay,  I have been asked this question so many times.  What is the difference between a CC cream and a BB cream?  I personally hardly use these as I am always busy and rushing off to work so my main makeup products are a foundation, matte powder, mascara and lipstick and I am out.  So, … Read more


I was recently sent this remarkable Panthenol Ceutic cream.  It is transparent and thick and is easily absorbed into the skin once applied.  After a recent burn while cooking,  I applied a small amount of this ointment onto the affected area and the burn felt much calmer.   The redness soon faded and there was … Read more