Month: August 2016

Cinderella Facial by Laser Beautique

I have always been sceptical with just trying any product on my face and when it comes to facials I do my own at home.  I have sensitive skin and exfoliators with granules do not work on my skin.  It irritates my skin and causes redness.  Even with toners,  if I had to use an

Unforgettable Encounter by REVLON

 Just the other day REVLON sent me a package of the NEW UNFORGETTABLE ENCOUNTER  Eau de toilette spray.    I tried just a little on my hands and I was just intoxicated by the beautiful rich aroma.  It has a floral smell with just a hue of mask and I must say that it certainly

How to REINVENT yourself and stay Relevant

Author, businesswomen and model Sonia Booth has launched her book “How to reinvent yourself and stay relevant” and it is definitely a good read for anyone in business or starting up a business.  We all know that the world is changing at a fast pace and in this book she cleverly addresses the issues such

BB cream VS CC cream

Okay,  I have been asked this question so many times.  What is the difference between a CC cream and a BB cream?  I personally hardly use these as I am always busy and rushing off to work so my main makeup products are a foundation, matte powder, mascara and lipstick and I am out.  So,


I was recently sent this remarkable Panthenol Ceutic cream.  It is transparent and thick and is easily absorbed into the skin once applied.  After a recent burn while cooking,  I applied a small amount of this ointment onto the affected area and the burn felt much calmer.   The redness soon faded and there was