Month: September 2016

Tri Vita C30

I recently attended the launch of DERMACEUTIC Tri Vita C30 serum and was amazed by the benefits of Vitamin C and how necessary it is for the skin.  It is made up of a combination of 3 forms of vitamin C  which are: 1. 15% – ascorbic acid which provides optimal antioxidant action on the

Fashion 101

I always support the local brands and local manufacturers so my trip yesterday was to the Carducci store in Canal Walk in Cape Town.  I was quite eager to see their summer range.  it was FABULOUS.  Carducci caters for women of all ages and sizes.  Their clothing are all comfortable and elegant. Skirts in soft

Collagen Lift

So,  everyone is talking about this new collagen liquid lift.  It is currently all over social media and my girlfriends cannot stop talking about it.  I decided to investigate further and to check out this product. We all know that loss of collagen in the skin means that the skin is going through the aging


Not all of us use a serum but in actual fact a serum is one product that is packed with active ingredients to target specific concerns.  There are serums that help with brighthening up the skin, nourishing and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Serums are water solluable which means that alittle goes a long way.

5 Tips for clear, glowy skin

BEST ways to get healthier skin.  Use these simple tips 1.  Avoid oily food 3.  Drink lots of water                                                                       4.