Month: October 2016


Yippee!! summer holidays are here and I just can’t wait to kick off my shoes, close my laptop and just relax.  YES, I am going to enjoy every minute of my long summer holidays BUT  I will NOT be forgetting my beauty regime. I like to carry ALL my products when I am travelling but

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray

WOW!  this spray lotion is truly amazing.  This lotiondispenses easily and evenly with just one spray.  It is easily absorbed and moisturisers because it is infused with micro-droplets of vaseline jelly. I tried it for the first time today and skin felt soft and non-greasy.  This is super for dry skin or skin that needs

Instantly Ageless

Well,  it is very common for most women over forty to start looking for products that delay the aging process.  Dark circles under the eyes is always a bother.  Some say that it is hereditary while others will convince you that it probably your diet, hydration or lack of moisture in the skin.  Attempts to

Collagen Lift Paris “RED CARPET”

First there was the COLLAGEN LIFT PARIS which is a drinkable solution  with bioactive ingredients to help decrease wrinkles, increase elasticity and improve skin tone BUT now the brand new COLLAGEN LIFT PARIS “RED CARPET” introduces a collagen drink with added hyaluronic acid . With the addition of mediterranean seaweed and vitamin C the hyaluronic

IMAN Cosmetics

IMAN cosmetics was launched in 1994 by Iman and was designed for all women with skin of colour.  It was specifically created for the African-American, Laina, Asian and multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades.  The brand offers skincare and cosmetics including 16 foundation shades. I tried out the second to none