Month: December 2016

Perfect Brows with Benefit Cosmetics

We all want perfect brows right?  Well- maintained brows clearly adds definition to your face.  So, BENEFIT COSMETICS have come up with a range of products to maintain, tame and sculpt brows to give any face a look that will last for hours. PRODUCTS you need to get the perfect sculpted brows:- Precisely, My Brow

Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer

I love skincare products that work for my type of skin and especially something that I can carry while travelling.  So, I discovered the DERMALOGICA DAILY RESURFACER which is a 2-in-1 chemical and physical exfoliation.  It is individually packaged in easy to carry satchets which is ideal to carry in your handbag or overnight travel

Mai Thai Wellness Spa

I visit alot of spa’s but there is something unique about Mai Thai Wellness Spa in Dixon Street, Cape Town.  From the moment I entered the spa,  I felt a sense of calmness and relaxation.  The soft thai music put me in a peaceful mood.  The therapists welcomed me and offered me a glass of

Clear Heels – Heel Stoppers

Women all over the world have had issues with their beautiful stilletos being ruined by walking on loose gravel, cobbled stones, escalators, grass and driving.  But with the introduction of this marvellous concept of heel stoppers  walking  on uneven terrain has made it much easier  and more comfortable on the feet.  They are ideal outdoor

Spices South Africa Flavours and Traditions

We use spices in all our foods,  we cook with them,  use them when we are sick,  bake with them and even roast certain spices to fill the home with an aroma of freshness.  But,  do we know the real story behind spices?  In this book by Sophia Lindop she tells a tale of the