Month: October 2018

Orly Breathable Nail Polish

Hello there,  so yes I finally got to try the ORLY breathable nail polish which has received so much of buzz.  Most muslim women love to paint their nails but wearing traditional polish could not be an option. The reason:  a ritual called wudu which is an ablution done before prayer requires that water touch

Plantur39 Colour Brown

As we grow older, our hair becomes thinner and the first grey hairs start to show and light patches start appearing.  This can be very distressing.  I recently had the opportunity of trying the PLANTUR39 COLOUR BROWN shampoo and conditioner.  At first I thought that it will not work.  So, I carefully followed the instructions

Recipes by SuzelleDIY

Julia Anastasopoulos better known by all of us as SUZELLE is a local South African artist, illustrator, designer and actress.  She became famous with her do-it-yourself DIY You Tube series.  She plays an Afrikaans woman, along with animator and film maker Ari Kruger.  Together they produce quirky and fun inserts on DIY. This September Julia

The Brow Thing

Hello there! Have you ever noticed the amount of products in the market for brows?  I mean really??  There are gels, powders, taming creams, serums to grow brows, templates to shape the brows and the list goes on.  Whatever happened to the plain old set of tweezers and vaseline?  I still remember the time when