Month: December 2022

My Favourite Recipe for Roast Chicken

Christmas is a week away and the preparations have already started.  With schools being closed it means that the kids can help with chores around the house and help with the prep work for Christmas lunch.  Prices of groceries have soared over the past few weeks due to petrol hikes so careful planning for that

Chi Chi Retreat Stellenbosch

I recently visited the Chi Chi spa in Stellenbosch for a de-stress massage. I really wanted to have an ultimate experience as they say on the website. I could only get a booking at 4-30pm but since it was close to home I opted for that time. Let me start by saying that pictures can

Holiday Festive Season

Well it’s time to make plans for the holidays. After two years of lockdown we can finally travel. We can visit family abroad and local and celebrate the festivities together. It has really been a difficult time with so many people losing loved ones during covid. Although they will definately be missed, we can still