Month: May 2023

How to choose a foundation for your skin

Okay so you probably think that this is simple right? No it’s not. The thing is that there are so many many different brands on the market and each one of them will advertise that theirs is the best one. It is always and I mean always up to YOU. YOU have to choose what

Have FUN with makeup from ESSENCE

So ladies, we all looove makeup don’t we? I mean there are ways that makeup can enhance your looks, shape your face and add a glow to your skin. The thing is that what makeup do you buy or where do you start. Which goes first primer or foundation or which is better a BB

Carmien Rooibos Teas

So I recently tasted the Carmien Rooibos Tea; it was full of flavour and so delicious. Unlike other teas there is no after taste, just the flavours of orange, jasmine, camomile and honeybush all wrapped up in a neat silk bag. Rooibos teas has many health benefits too. Listed below is just a few reasons