Month: August 2023

Gentle Power Acne Solutions

I know, you would probably say that you heard and read about this many many times right? No matter what you used those damn pimples keep showing up especially when you have a event on or need to be a bridesmaid at your best friends wedding. But truth is that outbreaks of pimples are due

NATURALLY Gorgeous Skin – Vitamin C Serum

Hello my dearest friends, I just have to tell you about this amazing light-weight Vitamin C serum from HEY GORGEOUS. So, I have extremely sensitive skin and really needed a serum for extra care to target the dullness and the roughness of my skin. Believe me, you just have to try this out. It is

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I love a full coverage foundation. With always being in the sun and my concerns on age spots and fine wrinkles the Estee Lauder Stay-in-Place Makeup just works so perfectly. It does not look cakey and glides on the skin hiding those unwanted flaws. Oh! did I mention that they come in super colours too.

Ways to Declutter your Wardrobe

Decluttering your wardrobe can be a daunting task, but it’s one that can be incredibly rewarding. Not only will you free up space in your closet, but you’ll also feel less stressed and more in control of your wardrobe. Here are some tips on how to declutter your wardrobe: Set a goal. What do you hope

Skincare tips for the warmer days

Can you believe it, winter is almost over and the last two days have been extremely hot. This means that it is time to change your moisturiser to a thinner lotion and lather on that SPF 30. This will give you added protection against the harsh rays of the sun. Here are a few tips

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