Month: October 2023


TheraVine products are formulated by infusing the most active ingredients from grape cultivars. It was founded in 2004 and has grew to produce one of the best formulations for skin and body. In addition to South Africa’s local cultivars, the grape actives are also included in the product formulations which include the following: Patented Grape

Beauty Awards 2023 – Winning Products

Cosmetix is a South African registered company which manufactures various beauty products. Cosmetix strives to bring beauty products to people from all walks of life. They offer the most affordable but high-quality products. The products are also not tested on animals and are safe to use. The winning products for the Beauty Awards 2023 were:

Collagen Lift Paris

WHAT IS COLLAGEN? Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is strong and flexible and makes up 75-80% of your skin, providing firmness, elasticity and structure. As we age collagen production slows down, leading to a loss of plumpness in the skin and an increase in wrinkles  making collagen an essential building block

Beauty Awards 2023 – COSMETIX

Catrice and Essence have done it again. Besides being the most popular and the most affordable makeup products in South Africa, they have WON the Beauty Awards 2023. These are the products that scored the popular spot. Try it for yourself. I just loooove them all. BEST MASCARAessence Lash PRINCESS false lash effect mascaraThe special,


Congratulations to one of my favourite brands Catrice on winning 2023 Beauty Awards Woman and Home South Africa. Some of the popular items are: BEST MASCARA: essence Lash Princess BEST COLOUR POLISH: essence Gel Nail Colour BEST LASH TOOL: Catrice Lash Separator BEST MATTE LIPSTICK: Catrice Scandalous Matte Lipstick BEST BODY BRONZER: Caribbeantan Shimmer Cream

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