Skin Renewal Filler

Hello there!

It as been awhile, hasn’t it?  Anyway, there is something which I must share and that is my review on the EUCERIN HYALURON FILLER.DSC_4982-2  So, this dual efficacy anti-age peeling and hyaluronic serum is a combinationof two powerful formulas that gives the skin multiple anti-aging benefits.  This is a creamy emulsion which contains an effective AHA (alpha-hydroxy-acid) complex and glycine saponin that supports the production of hyalurone acid in the dermal layer where wrinkles originate.  This might seem all too much of information but in real sense this liquid is a transparent gel and glides on the skin easily while penetrating deep down.  I like to just pat this magical potion all over my skin and just leave it on to do its job.  I applied the serum at night and it felt soft and smooth.  In the morning i just rinsed my face with warm water, toned my skin and applied my moisturiser.  My skin felt like it had a facial.  It felt plumpier and the fine wrinkles seemed to have filled in.

Will I use this product again?  YES, I must admit I have become a fan of Eucerin products because it is gentle on my sensitive skin.  The best part is that I can see and notice the diference in my skin.  This is difinitely my favourite product.  Oh, did I mention that you just need a small amount for your whole face and it retails for about R399 in SA.