Theravine Charcoal Purifying Mask

Hello Friends

We all follow a skin routine which is to cleanse, tone and apply our moisturiser right?  But how much of  our skin is really cleaned?  Pollution, harsh sun rays and drastic weather patterns all cause  and contribute to the aging process o our skins.  THERAVINE recently sent me this amazing Charcoal Purifying Mask.  WOW!  talk about deep cleanse.  This product is creamy considering it is a clay mask, it cleanses deep down into the skin to get rid of dirt and grime.  I applied the mask and left it in for 15 minutes and then rinsed my skin.  My skin felt smooth and hydrated.  It felt like a spa facial.  No stickiness and NO leftover residue was left on my skin. I LOVE THERAVINE because they always seem to produce the BEST products that is needed for my skin.   It is perfect for combination and oily skins.  Try it and you just fall inlove with this product.  Remember that you only need to use your mask twice a week.  For more info and retail outlets that stock the product visit

Enjoy your day!  XOXOT505-2 Charcoal Purifying Mask