Glorious Cinnamon

Hi there friends! I hope that you having a lovely week. So, recently I was diagnosed with diabetes. I know, I know but as it is hereditory I could not get away with it. Anyway, now that I follow a strict diet and changed my lifestyle; I feel much better. Healthy eating and gym 7 days a week all help with this. So, recently I discovered the delicious spice “CINNAMON.” WOW it has so many health benefits. CINNAMON is high in a substance with powerful medicinal properties. It is loaded with anti-oxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and could cut the risk of heart disease. It also improves sensitivity to the hormone insulin, lowers blood sugar levels and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect. Sprinkle some on your porridge or on your coffee for an incredible, delicious taste. I also place a few sticks in a jug of water and drink throughout the day. This keeps me hydrated with added benefits. Try it … will LOVE it. I think we should talk more about living with diabetes. What do you think? Chat soon HUGS XXX

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