Launch of Wellness and Lifestyle Nutrition Club in Parklands, Cape Town

Vatiswa Mavume, a qualified and trained 45-year old Wellness Coach who has been changing the lives of South African individuals for the past six years is delighted to launch a Wellness and Lifestyle Nutrition Club on the 6th of March 2020 in Leonardo Park Centre, Parklands, Cape Town. The idea to open this luxurious establishment came about when Vatiswa realised that clients need more than just coaching for fitness, lifestyle and nutritional habits. Clients, as individuals, need a place to go to where they can receive something more personal than nutritious breakfasts, snacks and everything in between. The Wellness and Lifestyle Nutrition Club is not an ordinary club where you get in, purchase something and move on. The aim is to be a go to lifestyle destination where your visits are more personal in a sense that the client feels like they are part of the club, they belong to the club which is not something one receives from your everyday healthy food restaurant. Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume says: “It has always been my plan to dig deeper into matters of health and wellness while looking at solutions on how to effectively impact South African

communities to live a healthy active lifestyle. This is only the beginning.”

The hardworking wellness coach, who has now joined forces with her husband, Bongs Mavume, is now more determined than ever as he has now locked arms with her on this amazing journey since he has witnessed the impact a lifestyle choice can do for all individuals. Bongs has joined as a business partner for the Wellness and Lifestyle Nutrition Club and also assists with the coaching to motivate and keep clients satisfied. “I can no longer sit back and watch, I must now embark on this journey as it has made a huge difference in my life as a whole”, says Bongs Mavume.

Not only will the Wellness and Lifestyle Nutrition Club bring Cape Town community members a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, snacks, hot and cold beverages daily, but members will benefit from fitness evaluations, accessibility to highly trained coaches, attending fitness camps and events, meal planning and recipes as well as utilize the club for their own use as it will be a free WIFI Zone where people will be able to have their laptops and experience an office away from their offices.

Born and raised in a rural community called Inqeleni, the other side of Mthatha in Eastern Cape, Vatiswa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Fort Hare. She has held many positions from marketing to entrepreneurship and wellness coaching which further motivated her to pursue the Wellness and Lifestyle Nutrition Club to continue serving South Africa and the world beyond. Vatiswa has never been happier knowing she will be helping others even more to change their lifestyles and in turn make themselves happy as well. Vatiswa’s wellness method has always consisted of individual as well as group coaching. Join us on Friday 6th March 2020 for the launch from 9am till 5pm.