Cape Town Travels

Well, we all into lockdown one and that means that we can move around but with precautions. Masks MUST be worn and social distancing and hand sanitising must be adhered at all times.

So many of us are quite tired of just staying indoors and would like to travel alittle BUT, yes the big BUT, it has become more difficult. Besides just buying a ticket to your favourite destination, there are still the CPR tests before you leave and when you enter your destination. Okay I know, all this can be super expensive but if you really long to travel then I guess you would have to make the sacrifice.

Lets see, lets just think here, why not start discovering your own city or town. Find all the wonderful spots that you did not visit and you will be surprised at what you will find. CAPE TOWN has some of the most amazing beaches, game reserves, farms and BnB’s. So lets take a trip and discover our own city. Follow mw over the next few weeks as I discover CAPE TOWN #ILOVECAPETOWN