It is now holiday season and with the schools closed and the Christmas vacation coming up it is time to think smart and pack properly for those long trips away from home.  I love travelling and I think that I have mastered the art of travelling and that is, travel light and only take the necessary items that you need.

Many people think that clothes should be rolled before they are packed in the bag but the best way is to lay everything that you would need on a bed.  Set all items similar in size like shirts, T-shirts together and pants together.  The best part of a good pair of slacks is that you could wear them for two or three days with different tops so there is no need to pack one pair of trousers for each day that you are on holiday.  If you go to an evening function simply jazz up your look with smart glitzy tops or shirts.    Small items like socks and underwear can be packed on the sides of the bag or wherever there is space.  Do not pack too many shoes as they are bulky and take up too much of space.  A pair of flat comfortable shoes is ideal for travelling and walking on those long sightseeing days.     You can still wear your favorite pumps by placing soft insole padding for that extra lightness for your feet.    High heels are often never worn so it is really unnecessary to carry.  Toiletry bags just take up too much of space.  Place your creams in a zip lock bag and pack on the side of your bag.  There is no need to carry too much of toiletries such as shampoos, lotions and soaps  as most of these are available at the hotel and are also easily obtainable at the front desk.  A small sling bag is ideal to carry for your important documents like flight details and passport.    If you are on en route to your destination and would be spending a night at a hotel, pack a light overnight bag with the bare essentials and this bag can be carried with you and placed in the baggage compartment.   Make sure that your toiletries do not exceed 100ml as these will not be accepted on the plane.

If you are taking a road trip, the long journey could become boring and tiring for children.  Try and create some fun activity such as board games or a colouring book and crayons to keep them busy.  Make a drawstring bag for each child and fill these up with their favourite toy, a water bottle and an activity pad.  At the end of the day you would want your children to enjoy the trip and be comfortable, so regular stops at an ultra city is also the best way for them to run around and get some exercise and fresh air.

With all these wonderful tips we hope that you and your family have a peaceful and blessed holiday.  Remember not to over pack your bags as you would need the space to bring things home.  Happy Holidays Everyone!