On Saturday night the 5th September I was invited to see this spectacular opera  The Merry Widow of Malagawi at the Artscape theatre.  Director Janice Honeyman gave this new production an upbeat and contemporary feel.   The philharmonic orchestra was conducted by Tim Murray and music by Franz Lehar.   It is a FUN musical and with Alan Committie, it just makes it more enjoyable to watch.img177078

This light hearted theatrical and musical of diplomatic intrigue, capitalism and how people protect their wealth and self interests.  It is set in a fictional state of  Malagawi  and the ambassador allows his wife Valencienne to befriend foreign diplomat Khumal Doh Rassa Yon, assuming that she will get foreign investment into Malagawi.  However, Khumal declares his love for Valencienne and writes “I love you” on her fan.  There is alot of confusion , chaos and passion.  The fan is lost and the Ambassador finds it.  Alan Committee tries to hide the truth but in the end Valencienne explains the fan business, Anna celebrates the triumph of a woman finding love and Daniloh encourages everyone present to get together and celebrate the fun-filled Story of Woman and man to some wonderful, rousing and rambunctious music.  The opera house was filled with praise and received a standing ovation.  This is definately not to be missed.  The opera runs at the Artscape Theatre from the 5th to 12th September.  Booking at computicket.