48556aThe hit dance show “BURN THE FLOOR” opened yesterday at the Jo’Burg Theatre last night and my friends and I were invited to the spectacular, high energy dance extravaganza.  The ballroom dance style is a celebration of life; it brings a message on the dance floor, whether the dancers are lovers, friends, strangers or rivals.  This masterpiece was the idea of Peta Roby who is the choreographer and director of the show.  She has years of background knowledge of the latin ballroom dancing through her Australian ballroom dance State Champion parents and this is where the original concept of  BURN THE FLOOR started.  Together with producer Harley Medcalf whi discovered the ballroom dance with all its traditions and history,  they worked together to create this high intensity performance. Their first production was in 1999 in England with 44 dancers and 8 trucks worth of production and costumes.  In 2009 they brok it down to 22 dancers and 2 trucks and then their dream began, to take “BURN THE FLOOR”  to many states as possible.  Burn-the-Floor-art

This all NEW production is the first season before it is taken to other countries.  It took a whooping 2 years to make and it represents a dance style that ignites the release of youthful spirit and rebellious chemistry between dancers.  BURN THE FLOOR remains focused on its ballroom origins and it reveals the true commitment and trust of the dancers.  The show is something not to be missed and it runs at the the Jo’Burg theatre for the next two weeks.  BOOK NOW AND FEEL THE ENERGY AND PASSION!