Mai Thai Wellness Spa

20161212_115336I visit alot of spa’s but there is something unique about Mai Thai Wellness Spa in Dixon Street, Cape Town.  From the moment I entered the spa,  I felt a sense of calmness and relaxation.  The soft thai music put me in a peaceful mood.  The therapists welcomed me and offered me a glass of green tea while I waited in the lounge area.

I was then greeted by my therapist who showed me the different oils used in the massages.  She explained the oils needed for my massage to give my body the results I wanted.    The massage was just the perfect pressure and with a sweeping movement across my body helped to make me feel more relaxed and comfortable.  I fell into a deep sleep.  There is absolutely nothing like it.  After my full body massage I was treated to a facial and then a head massage.20161212_120330

After my treatment I was taken to the garden to relax.  I was then treated to a vegetable wrap made from rice paper wraps and a spicy ginger infused tea.  The Mai Thai Wellness Spa is a place everyone should visit as it is peaceful, calming and restful.  The professional therapists understands the body and knows exactly the pressure to use on tense  or sore muscles.  My therapist regularly asked me if I was comfortable with the pressure and if I was okay.  NOW this to me is being professional.

Mai Thai Wellness Spa is in 18 Dixon Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town.  Phone 021-4180713 open from 8am-7pm.  I will be visiting the spa to have a hydrating Qms facial treatment and will let you know how it went.