Dermalogica-daily superfoliant

DERMALOGICA has done it again by bringing out this brand new DAILY SUPERFOLIANT.  DailySuperfoliant_300x500-01

We all know that aging is accelerated by air pollutiom and that is because the particles can penetrate into the skin causing the visibility of brown spots on the surface of the skin.  This is for ANYONE whose concerns are premature skin aging.  The advanced formula activates upon contact with water, which releases powerful enzymes and skin-resurfacing alpha hydroxy acids  to help get rid of build up of toxins from deep within the skin.    The DERMALOGICA DAILY SUPERFOLIANT  is packed with formulas made from red algae, tara fruit extract and niacinamide that help guard against the damaging effects of pollution.


*removes pollutants from deep within the pores

*provides antioxidants protection to the skin

*helps prevent adherence of pollutants to the skin

* reinforces the skins protective barrier

All you need is half a teaspoon of the DAILY SUPERFOLIANT into wet hands, rub to create a creamy paste and apply to your face in circular motions.  Massage for about 1 minute and rinse  with warm water.  For sensitive skins this can be used on alternate days.  I simply LOVE this product and the softness my skin feels.  I definitelay recommend it.