Smile Foundation

IMG_20170609_144122_636The SMILE FOUNDATION is very close to my heart as they aim to help millions of children around the world to provide corrective surgery for those that are born with cleft lips or palate.  The organisation was formed in 2000 and was born when Nelson Mandela sought to find help for one particular child with facial paralysis.  Seventeen years later, SMILE FOUNDATION has joined hands with the country’s academic hospitals, highly skilled doctors and nurses to change over hundrends of children’s lives every year.

Labello South Africa has joined the cause by introducing a limited edition chap sticks which when purchased by YOU, Labello will donate R2 to the SMILE FOUNDATION.  So, this is your chance to take part in the #LabelloSmileChallenge by uploading a photo that shares a beautiful smile – it could be the moment you give your second stick to a friend or just share it with a stranger.

Share it on facebook or instagram with #LabelloSmileFoundation and an extra R1 will be donated.  So, take up the challenge and make a difference to some child’s smile.  For more information visit

Remember – SHARING is CARING….till next time XOXO