The SKINNY side of Coffee

ID-100224359_amenic181Being a LOVER of COFFEE I wanted a taste that was rich, flavourful and pure.  My search took me to many coffee shops and I tasted many many cups of the brown bean BUT when I discovered SKINNY GREEN COFFEE, I was eventually satisfied with it’s unique flavour.  After further reading about this magic coffee,  I found that this super SKINNY GREEN COFFEE is specially formulated to assist in weight control, YAY!    It boosts metabloism, burns fat, is rich in anti-oxidants and increases energy.  HUGE plus- it has NO fats and NO sugars.  So, the SKINNY GREEN COFFEE or Coffea Canephora is made from raw unroasted coffee beans that are rich in caffeine and chlorgenic acid.  These compounds help boost metabolism and inhibit fat absorption.  The formulation has thermogenic properties that induce heat production and energy generation.  This causes the metabolism to speed up and work harder resulting in more calories being burnt.

Here is how I make my cuppa coffee:    Add 1 satchet to 150ml boiling water, a dash of low fat milk and sweetner                                                  SKINNY GREEN COFFEE is so pure,  you can practically enjoy a cup throughout the day.Skinny-blog

NB.  DON’T drink SKINNY GREEN COFFEE if you are on medication or pregnat.  Ingredients include unroasted coffee beans, evodiamine, yerba mate and raspberry ketones.  If you wondering what I am sipping right now, yes it’s SKINNY GREEN COFFEE

For more information visit  Available at most Woolies stores – YUMMY!!