Nivea Perfect & Radiant

3 IN 1 CLEANSERI am very careful about what I put on my skin because the formula’s tend to change all the time.  Some ingredients irritate my skin and dries my skin so much that I feel a tightness.  So,  I went on a hunt again and tried to find skincare products that would have simple ingredients but also be effective. We all want a hydrated, moisturised skin so in order to keep it protected and supple there are certain formulas which we have to look out for.

NIVEA has always been my favourite when it came to skin care products.  NIVEA seems to come up with the perfect solutions to skincare meaning that they have everything my skin needs.  Now NIVEA has introduced the “new” Perfect & Radiant 3 in 1 cleanser and toning solution.  Yes, I tried them out and they are just incredible.  The 3in1 cleanser makes it so much easier as it washes, scrubs and it is a mask all-in-one.  It deeply cleans, fights blemishes and reduces shine.  I found this product to be gentle and creamy so it does not dry out my skin and it  has contains tiny beads which gently massages the skin to get rid of dead skin.  Ingredients such as magnolia and castor oil amongst other ingredients makes this NIVEA Perfect & Radiant 3 IN 1 cleanser just PERFECT.  RSP – R84.95 at most clicks stores country wide.  Oh! did I mention that this is available for different skin types

Read up my next blog and article on the Micellar Cleanser.  Till next time XX

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