Combat Dry Skin

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Many of us take healthy, ‘normal’ skin for granted. Imagine for an instant that your or your baby’s skin is extremely dry, cracked, red and inflamed and the need to scratch is all-consuming.
Dry skin problems have become all too common with an alarming increase in the incidence of this condition. Dermatologist-recommended skin care brand Eucerin brings over a century of clinical research and science to offer products to help people restore and sustain their skin’s health.688806s
Dry skin is caused by internal factors such as a genetic predisposition; hormonal influences; biological skin ageing; as well as diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes or ichthyosis. External causes can include heat, cold or humidity; UV-induced skin ageing; frequent washing; insufficient fluid intake and extreme medical treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy or dialysis.
Dermatologists agree that generous and regular use of skin lipids (moisturisers), using soap substitutes (not soap-based products), and using barrier creams helps to maintain the skin’s health and prevent the condition from becoming more extreme.87974_UreaRepair_PLUS_Koerpercreme_Tiegel
Eucerin introduces a new range of body creams with a product to suit the varying needs and severity of dry or medically dry skin conditions for adults and children.


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