Greetings Beauties!

images (8)Hello beautiful people,  it has been so long since I wrote but hey we have fixed all the gremlins and now I am back.  I will bring you all the latest beauty product reviews, interview some famous fashionistas and get a glimpse on the latest trends.

As I said it has been an extremely busy year and I recently just got back from Turkey.  What an extraordinary place this is.  So fascinating with all it’s glitz and glamour and the cuisine which by far is defininately the tastiest.  Fashion in Turkey is colourful and flowy now that is 40 degrees.  Yellows, whites and soft pale shades are all in and women make the “anything goes”  look easy.  Cruising on the bosporus is the best way to cool down during the hot summer days and sip on a cool refreshing freshly squeezed orange juice.  BLISS!download (11)

Well, lets not waste any more time and get on with everything NEW from DUBAI, TURKEY, RUSSIA and SOUTH AFRICA.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the great reviews and what to buy at affordable prices.  XX